Thursday, September 20, 2007

Commuting Fun

So far, my long daily trek to UBC hasn't been that bad. However, this week, my coming home trips were a bit less fun.

First of all, the buses have been PACKED which means that I have to stand from Granville and 49th to White Rock. Not fun. Yesterday, the standing was even less fun due to the major accidedn on the 99. The ride was going well and we were making very good time. In my mind I was planning out my evening (which included a nap on the couch). Right after we got through the tunnel, the bus slowed way down.....and then stopped. 20 minutes later the bus driver announced we were going to be there for a while. Finally, we started moving again, only to find out that the police were making everyone do a U-turn and go back north on the 99. So our bus, along with thousands of other cars, packed onto River Road to connect with the 91.

I finally gave up standing and just sat on the floor. I know that it's probably not the cleanest place, but I put my clothes in the dirty laundry as soon as I got home. The bright spot of our major delay was that I managed to read another article for school.

All in all, our delay and rerouting took an hour and 45 minutes!!! Quite the evening!

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Evangela's Blog said...

Geez! You commute from the states to UBC every day? Does Phil pick you up at the border? There are a lot of people that I know that commute from the valley in, but I don't think I've heard of crossing borders - it's kinda cool!
Yeah - now that you're in town we can go out for coffee whenever you're free - which may be never. Ha! But, I am quite close to UBC.