Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catch up

Well, once again I am behind on my blogging. No matter my good intentions, I always fall behind. So, here is the re-cap/highlights of the past couple of weeks:

- Got to see my old roommate from Taiwan! Alicia was traveling through Vancouver on her way to visit Saskatechewan before heading back to Shanghai.

- Went to Brian and Vanessa Hammond's beautiful wedding! Got to see some people that I haven't seen in a long time and had a great time. During the afternoon (between the ceremony and reception) we went to Sharks club and I got to have a Rickards Red! They don't have it down here and I have missed that beer a lot! It was so yummy.

- Saw the Bourne Ultimatum. SO GOOD!!!

- Had my wonderful friend Jessica and her delightful other half David over for dinner. We played a fun new game called Blockus.

- By sunday I was worn out and needed some down time so I burried myself in my book.

- Had Carissa and Bob over for dinner - so fun.

- Got to see my good friend Jen Gilbertson and also Liezel and James who I knew in Taiwan.

- The in-laws were in town for the weekend. Had a good time relaxing with them.

- Saw my sister for the first time in two months!!! The joys of crazy schedules.

- My niece is cuter than ever.

- Phil and I started playing tennis. We aren't very good, but we had fun.

Pretty much I have just been trying to see as many people as possible before I become a student hermit for 2 years.

Only 9 more days of work left! yay!!!!

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