Thursday, August 30, 2007

My week off

As expected, my week off has been quite busy! However, it's the kind of busyness that I love - full of friends! I spent the first morning off sleeping and reading (BLISS!!!) but since then I have been on the go. I played a round of golf with Phil, saw my dear friend Jen when I went out to UBC, had a girls night with Julia, Jen and Jackie, had Travis and Kristen over (and Kristen's belly - she is due next week with their first!), saw my girls from college for brunch (yay for the piggy), and surprised my sister with an afternoon visit!

My trip out to UBC was good. My main reasons for going were to see Jen, buy my books and figure out the whole bus thing. Although I missed my stop, I managed to get another bus out to UBC and all ended well.

When I registered for classes, they failed to mention that nursing classes are cross-listed with weight training classes! My books are RIDICULOUSLY big! I couldn't even hoist my back-pack up with one arm. It took both arms heaving to get it on my back. I'm just praying that they don't make us lug them to school every day.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Goodbye Gallaghers

Our good friends Joe and Kelly Gallagher are gone. :( They have been transfered to Bartlesville, Oklahoma (or as the boys call it - Okla-mo-fo-homa). We had a great last night of hanging out with them before they left. Their girls, Molly (4) and Ellery (2) were a their grandparents in Seattle so it was just Joe, Kelly and baby Grady. I got to hold Grady nearly all night - it was great.

Even though I managed to get Kelly to start a blog before she left, it's just not the same as hearing her stories face to face.

We will miss you guys tons! Love ya!

Isn't she cute????

Had to share this pic - she's just so cute!


I am officially unemployed! My last day at the Johnson Team (little bit of link action for you Rich) was on Friday. It was a weird day for me! I've had several "last days" of work before, but this one was harder for me. I was so blessed to work with such an amazing group of people and I am going to miss them so much!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Tech geek?

I think that I might be turning into a bit of a tech geek. In the past two years I have learnt A LOT about web development, search engine optimization and placement. My realization that I am becoming a tech geek came about due to these two thoughts today:

Thought #1: Searching for a store called The Greenhouse in Bellingham. I realized that new businesses today really need to think about how unique their store name is and how it will show up in search engines. When searching for the store Greenhouse, all I got was results for actual greenhouses.

Thought #2: I thought that it was SO cool that the Woodland Park Zoo has the web address They must have really jumped on the internet bandwagon early to get that one!

Wow - I am a geek!

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Lions and Tigers and Bears - OH MY!

Last week we had an office outing to the Woodland Park Zoo! Most people think that we are nuts when we tell them that and the truth is, we probably are. But we had a blast!

The six of us piled into Mike's Durango at 8am, hit the coffee stand and headed south. We wandered through the displays, watched some bears play around, saw the elephants, giraffes, hippos, birds, lions - everything. It was so cool! Unfortunately, we ran out of time and had to miss the last two exhibits.

After the zoo we went down to Pier 57 in Seattle and went to the Crab Pot for lunch. IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!!! We ordered 5 "Pacific Clambakes" for the 6 of us and it was MORE than enough.

So here is how it works: they put butcher paper down on table and give each of us a bib (very necessary), a small wooden board and a mallet. When our food was ready, they dumped it right on the table and we just dug in! Snow crab, Dungeness crab, muscles, clams, prawns, Andouille sausage, corn and potatoes - all seasoned to perfection and ready to be devoured!

And devour we did! Except for a few potatoes, we polished the whole thing off! We hurried to jump back in the truck and hit the road so that we could avoid rush hour and headed back north. A final stop at the Burlington Starbucks and our day was complete. And it was wonderful!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Catch up

Well, once again I am behind on my blogging. No matter my good intentions, I always fall behind. So, here is the re-cap/highlights of the past couple of weeks:

- Got to see my old roommate from Taiwan! Alicia was traveling through Vancouver on her way to visit Saskatechewan before heading back to Shanghai.

- Went to Brian and Vanessa Hammond's beautiful wedding! Got to see some people that I haven't seen in a long time and had a great time. During the afternoon (between the ceremony and reception) we went to Sharks club and I got to have a Rickards Red! They don't have it down here and I have missed that beer a lot! It was so yummy.

- Saw the Bourne Ultimatum. SO GOOD!!!

- Had my wonderful friend Jessica and her delightful other half David over for dinner. We played a fun new game called Blockus.

- By sunday I was worn out and needed some down time so I burried myself in my book.

- Had Carissa and Bob over for dinner - so fun.

- Got to see my good friend Jen Gilbertson and also Liezel and James who I knew in Taiwan.

- The in-laws were in town for the weekend. Had a good time relaxing with them.

- Saw my sister for the first time in two months!!! The joys of crazy schedules.

- My niece is cuter than ever.

- Phil and I started playing tennis. We aren't very good, but we had fun.

Pretty much I have just been trying to see as many people as possible before I become a student hermit for 2 years.

Only 9 more days of work left! yay!!!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Grady Patrick Gallagher

Our good friends Joe and Kelly welcomed their third child, Grady Patrick Gallagher at 7:20 on Monday morning weighing 8 lbs 6 oz! We went down to the hospital in Seattle on Monday night to see them and meet their precious little guy. He was so cute!!!!
While we were there, Joe needed to take the other two kids back to Kelly's parents place (they live only a few minutes away). We have often heard of their house, but never seen it. So after much insisting from Kelly that she was fine there, we went with Joe.

Below is a picture of Phil enjoying the view! They have waterfront property on Lake Washington with a STUNNING view of Mt. Rainier and the lake.
Joe took us out for a ride on the lake and even let me drive the boat. That was fun!!!!
After our gallavanting on the lake we went back to the hospital and just realaxed and visted with Joe and Kelly. It was super late by the time we got home, but so worth it for such a wonderful evening!

Manning Park

This past weekend we enjoyed the splendor of beautiful BC in Manning Park. We camped with our good friends Sarah and Kris at Coldspring and had a WONDERFUL time!!!
We spent a good part of the day on Saturday hiking around Lighting Lake and Flash Lake. It was such a gorgeous walk and we had a great time.

The boys were quite tired when we got back to the site and were eager to sit down and grab a few beers. After we got dinner going, Sarah and I were just as eager to join them. :)
We spent our evenings and mornings just sitting around the campfire relaxing, talking and laughing. Even though it was only a few hours from home, it felt like we were so far and it was great to just get away and relax.
And of course on our way home on Sunday we had to go to the theater and watch the Simpsons Movie. My dear husband claimed that he could not show his face at work on Monday morning if he hadn't seen it. So, after not showering for over two days, being on a long sweaty hike, and chilling around a smoky campfire, we got to go into a public setting. I was so NOT excited about that since I knew that I looked terrible and smelled even worse! But we had a good time and I must admit that the movie was more clever than I expected.