Thursday, June 21, 2007

The catch up photos

Our deck that we FINALLY finished about a week before we moved out.

We had to finish the railings for the inspector in order for the house to close and we were so surprised at how much better it made the deck look!

Our first social gathering at our new place! We were celebrating Molly's 4th B-day!

Phil posing with the BBQs at Joe's graduation party

Joe enjoying a graduation stogie!

Dirk posing with a stogie.

Phil playing with Molly and Ellery in the bouncy castle.
Dirk & Phil at Decption Pass

Sarah and I at Deception Pass

Catch up!

OK - time to play some catch up with my long abandoned blog!!!! So, here's the highlights of the past month:
- moved into our new place. LOVING IT!!!
- bought a dining room set, bedroom set and living room set (for the first two years of our marriage we didn't buy ANY furniture, so now we figured it was time!)
- I finished Anat and Phys (YAY!!!!)
- I finished Psych (YAY!!!!)
- I had an interview to get into the nursing program at UBC (still waiting to find out about that one)
- Our friends from Germany arrived
- We threw a big graduation party for our friend Joe for graduating from the MBA program at WWU
- Our two Japanese exchange students arrived
- I started my summer online Psych course
- We're going on vacation!

Actually, Phil is already on vacation. He, Dirk and Sarah (friends from Germany) already left on the road trip south and I'm flying down to Oakland to meet up with them tomorrow. We are spending a few days in the Bay area and going to Nappa, LA and Disneyland, Las Vegas, Lake Tahoe and Bend! So fun - I can't wait!

That's about it for now. I'll try to post a few pictures as well.

Oh - one more silly girly thing - I hacked my hair off! It's now just above my shoulders! I'll try to get a picture of that up soon!