Thursday, May 17, 2007


After weeks of sold, not sold, maybe, maybe not we have finally closed on both the sale of our Sumas house and the purchase of our new house in Ferndale! We were supposed to close 3 weeks ago, but our buyers financing was dodgy at best and their mortgage broker was even worse! But in the end, it all worked.

Since we didn't know until the last minute that it was actually sold (it has gone back and forth so many times I wasn't going to believe it until the deed was actually recorded) I didn't start packing until last night. Thankfully my wonderful family came over to help. We all got to our place at 7:30. While I sat dazed eating my microwave dinner for a few minutes my mum and Jackie went to town! They had my kitchen packed in a matter of minutes I swear! Ok,so maybe an hour or two. But still - they were amazing!

So today I get to keep on packing and studying. We are hoping to get all of our stuff into the new house by the end of the weekend, so for the next few days we are between homes.

I'll post pics as soon as we are in the new place!

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Shawna said...

Congrats! It will feel so good to get into your new place!

Glad it all worked out!