Sunday, March 04, 2007

My crazy week

I had an insane week! It all started on Monday....

Found out that I couldn't get a money order in canadian funds from my bank so I had to get my mum to come down and give me a CANADIAN check for my application. I then continued working on my application letter and this is where it got nuts!

Phil and I ripped apart and rewrote my application essay several times. I was finally at a point where I liked it at 11:30pm. I had pressed save numerous times, and closed it so that I could email it to myself. The problem was, I hadn't done a Save As, was gone. It wasn't in my temporary folders, internet folders..... nowhere! We searched for half an hour (me bawling the entire time) and couldn't find it. So, at midnight, when I was already exhausted and still had a test to study for, I started to rewrite my application essay.

Thankfully I was able to remember a lot of what we had done. I finally went to bed at 1:30am only to get back up at 5am and keep working on it. Phil reviewed it for me again and we finally finished it. I went to ProPack with him and had everything printed and ready to go.

But then I found out that Fedex International couldn't GUARANTEE that it would be there the next day. I decided that I had worked hard enough that I wasn't going to let a little potential mistake by Fedex get in my way. So I called in to work, took a personal day, and headed off to UBC. I got there, handed in my application, took a quick wander through the bookstore (I love bookstores!!!) and of course, went to Blue Chip Java (I think I got the name right).

Blue Chip Java is a coffee shop in the UBC SUB (Student Union Building) that has the most incredible cookies! They are huge, soft, chewy and packed with flavor! These cookies are so special, that there isn't even a set price - each cookie is weighed in order to determine it's price. I had the Marbelicious - a terrific blend of chocolate cookie and chunks of white chocolate. Yum!!!!

About 20 minutes after I arrived at UBC, I got back in my car and headed south again. I made it to Bellingham just in time for my class. Feeling quite exhausted after that, I went to my friend Kelly's place to eat my lunch, do some research and have a few moments of quiet. Then it was off to Mt. Vernon for my anat and phys test. The test actually went ok which I was VERY grateful for!!!

Thankfully, my incredible chemistry teacher Monique postponed our Chem test so when I finally got home at 10pm on Tuesday night, I just fell asleep!!!

The rest of my week continued in a blur of homework, work and craziness! I was so thankful when Friday came! Phil and I had a relaxing night at home and did nothing!

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Shawna said...

Crazy Crazy Crazy day & sorry about your application - what a frustrating time that would have been! I'm glad you took a "personal" day...You deserved it - the day off and the cookie from Blue Chip Java :)