Monday, March 12, 2007

2 Bomb Threats within 5 days!

It's been a crazy end to my quarter at school! Last Thursday night I had just started my final lab exam at Skagit College when my teacher came in and told us to evacuate the building immediately and meet in the parking lot. I was quite confused since there was no fire alarm and typically, they don't do drills in college, especially during finals! So we met outside and found out there was a bomb threat on the college!

Since we couldn't finish our test that night (the cops had to come and search EVERY room on campus!!) our prof gave us the option of coming back the next day, or just not taking it and she wouldn't count it in our grade. My lab partner and I considered taking it the next day for a few minutes, then realized that we have As in the class and there is no point! So, off to the Porter House we went to enjoy some beer and appies! Very cool place by the way.

Then today I was sitting in my office and just getting ready to head out when Kesha came in and told us there had been a bomb threat at Whatcom Community College! So I checked online and the college has been closed for the day! Saves me from having to go to school on my b-day though! And, I now get to have Wins for lunch with Fawn and Kesha.

For those of you who don't know what Win's is, it is a small burger joint in Fairhaven - a total remnant of the 50s. Its your typical greasy spoon diner, with unbelievably good burgers for super cheap. We just won't talk about how horribly unhealthy it is!

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