Monday, February 19, 2007

A day off

Today is President's Day in the US which means that I get a day off work! Yay!!! Stats are quite different down here than they are in Canada. There are a few that everyone gets off (Memorial Day, July 4, Labour Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas) but there are a bunch that are just weird like Presidents Day. Government offices, schools and banks are all closed and everyone else is left scratching their heads wondering if they get it off or not.

Anyways, it has been a productive day so far. I've studies anat and phys, got to make myself a hot lunch (I never get hot lunches during the week because our office doesn't have a microwave) and started to work on my nursing school entrance esssay. It's SO nice to have a bonus day to work on stuff!

Still on the agenda for today:
- study Chem
- finish Chem lab
- keep working on entrance essay
- keep memorizing muscles (anat & phys)
- make dinner
- make cookies (if I really feel like procrastinating :) )
- pay bills and file a bunch of stuff

Such fun! I really do wish that I had one day a week at home - I could get so much done! Oh well. Maybe one day.

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