Sunday, February 25, 2007


I remember in my undergrad I would have weeks towards the end of the semester where I would have something due in every class and as I planned my week, I would hope for 3 hours of sleep a night. While this week isn't quite that bad, it is certainly reminiscent. Part of the problem is that I am older now and I need for sleep (I feel even older for having typed that!) The other difference is that I now have a husband, a home and full time job as opposed to my dorm room in junior housing and my waitressing shift on the weekend. Thankfully, my husband does a wonderful job of taking care of the home stuff which frees me up for more homework. Thanks honey!

So here is my week:
Monday - complete and submit UBC Nursing application. Study like mad for my anat and phys test!
Tuesday - write a brutally hard anat and phys test (I swear I will never be able to memorize all of the origins and insertions of the muscles!!!). Once I get home from the test at 10pm, start cramming for my chem test.
Wednesday - write huge chem test. In the evening, write my anat and phys assignment (research and write a 3 page analysis of a digestive disease).
Thursday - complete last weeks lab and prep for this weeks lab before I go to work. Go to lab, hand in my assignment that night.

On Thursday night when I get home from all of that, my plan is to grab Phil, a big bottle of wine, and a few episodes of Friends!

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