Monday, January 29, 2007

Happy Birthday Phil!

Phil and I went downtown Vancouver this past weekend to celebrate his birthday. We took advantage of Tourism Vancouver's Dine Out promotion and went for an amazing 3 course meal a the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown.

We also went on Priceline and bid on a 4 star hotel and got it for only $75!!! If you haven't tried it yet, you have to try Priceline! They do regular bookings, but you can also "bid" on a hotel. You enter your name and credit card info then say that you would be willing to pay $50 for a 3 star hotel, then you see if anyone accepts it. If a hotel does accept it, then they charge your card right away so there is no backing out. But you can get some really good deals!

Anyways, we stayed at the Mariott Pinacle and had a gorgeous room on the 22nd story. When we got there on Saturday night we were actually above the fog and could see the lights of North Vancouver. Unfortunately, there was so much fog in the morning that we couldn't see anything. But we did enjoy a nice walk to Starbucks and a relaxing time.

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Shawna said...

Looks like you guys had an amazing time - Happy Birthday Phil -

Hmmm...starbucks in d.t. one of my favorite things to do!