Monday, January 29, 2007

How tough is a Toyota?

You know those commercials that show the Lochnest monster eating a truck, then tossing it back on shore and it drives off? That's not too far from the truth! This morning Phil hit ice on "Dead Man's Corner" (not joking - that is what the cop, tow truck driver and a bunch of people we talked to all referred to it as) and went off the road. He is completely fine, just a small bump on his head.

I'm a firm believer in Toyotas though! Considering that his truck, spun around then rolled down into a ravine, I would say that it is in pretty good shape! We still don't know if they are going to write it off or not since virtually every panel needs to be replaced and the roof got a bit crushed in.

Blessings that we can be thankful for:
- Phil is alive and well.
- He didn't go off the other side of the road (nearly did) which is way steeper and deeper
- He didn't hit any trees on the way down
- One of his co-workers drove by a few minutes after it happened and was able to stay with Phil and keep him warm in his car until I got there
- The officer who came to the scene was very kind
- I work for amazing people that let me take the morning off to help Phil with everything and be with him
- Phil is alive and well!

Where Phil went off the road

His truck down in the ravine. He had to climb over blackberry bushes to get out. Ouch!

Getting towed out. I really wasn't sure how they were going to do this considering the angle, but they got it out pretty quick.

Where his truck was.
Doesn't look too bad from this angle....
Kinda mangled from the front (the roof on the left side is kinda caved in)

This side of the truck took more of the brunt of the roll.

Happy Birthday Phil!

Phil and I went downtown Vancouver this past weekend to celebrate his birthday. We took advantage of Tourism Vancouver's Dine Out promotion and went for an amazing 3 course meal a the Hamilton Street Grill in Yaletown.

We also went on Priceline and bid on a 4 star hotel and got it for only $75!!! If you haven't tried it yet, you have to try Priceline! They do regular bookings, but you can also "bid" on a hotel. You enter your name and credit card info then say that you would be willing to pay $50 for a 3 star hotel, then you see if anyone accepts it. If a hotel does accept it, then they charge your card right away so there is no backing out. But you can get some really good deals!

Anyways, we stayed at the Mariott Pinacle and had a gorgeous room on the 22nd story. When we got there on Saturday night we were actually above the fog and could see the lights of North Vancouver. Unfortunately, there was so much fog in the morning that we couldn't see anything. But we did enjoy a nice walk to Starbucks and a relaxing time.

Bye bye Luchts!

One of my very good friends (she is Phil's cousin) and her family moved to California at the begining of the month. We will miss you guys a lot!

Mel and I

Phil and I with their girls Tori, Kate and Allie (from L to R). We miss you already!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things that make you go Hmmm

I can handle my own in the kitchen. Some even say that I'm a good cook, although I think that my talents are more in baking. I am an educated and accomplished woman with experience in a myriad of things in life. And yet, I still cannot make microwave popcorn without burning it. I know that the directions are on the bag, yet I still cannot accomplish this.

To further humiliate myself, I must admit that I eat microwave popcorn several times a week, particularly now that I'm back in school. And yet, it still burns, every time.

Is it greed perhaps? Am I scared to take it out to early and risk some of those precious kernals not popping? Not sure.

If at first you don't suceed, try, try again! I'll let you know if I ever get it right.

Procrastination time used up writting this post: 4 minutes, 20 seconds.

Just when I thought I could breathe....

Last week in class we got a long list of all the skull bones, vertebraes and ribs and a whole bunch of markings on them that we had to learn. Reading the names was hard enough (I felt like I was speaking a different language!) let alone learning where they all were and what they did. However, through many hours of study and sheer memorization, I did. So I felt pretty good and confident when I went to class last night.

Then we got the next list. It's all the rest of the bones in the body, along with all of their markings. Once again, I feel like I'm speaking a different language. I'm sure that by next week it will all start to make sense, but for now, I feel like I'm drowning again.

In other news....well, there is no other news. All I do is study!

Thursday is Phil's birthday, but we won't be able to do much on the day because he will be on his way back from Portland (he is at a training seminar down there) and I will be in class. So instead, we are going to go downtown on Saturday night and take advantage of Tourism Vancouver's Dine Out. Should be fun!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My brain hurts!

I am only 2 weeks into school and already I feel like it is all that I do! I literally wake up and fall asleep thinking about Anatomy and Physiology! I must be sick.

On the bright side though, I am absolutely LOVING my class! I'm finding it very interestitng and challenging, so that is good.

So here is my agenda for tonight:
- Write a one page report on osteoarthiritis
- Study for my anat and phys exam tomorrow night
- Write up/prep for my chem lab tomorrow
- Prep for my anat & phys lab tomorrow night

It's 8pm now, I need to probably go to bed by I pretty much have a packed night ahead of me. Fun fun fun!

Sunday, January 14, 2007


My dear mum got me a fantastic vest for Christmas, but unfortunately it didn't fit. And, I need tops more than I need a vest. So, today I took 2 hours out of my studying, picked up my mum and headed off to the mall! I got two beautiful new sweaters (one brown, and one light blue) and a great pair of new brown pants. I also got a funky new cream hat. Such fun!

Snow Day = 100%

Thursday was a snow day which meant no work for me! This was quite welcomed for several reasons:
1. I was exhausted! It felt so good to sleep until 9:30.
2. I had a test that night!

Skagit Valley College didn't cancel their classes because the roads weren't as bad down there. So I spent the day studying, then hopped in the truck and headed down to Mt. Vernon. Thanks to the extra time that I had to study, I got 100% on my first lab test! I was quite pleased. If only I could keep those grades up all quarter....somehow I just don't think that is possible. Although this is probably one of the most intersting classes thatt I have ever taken and I'm LOVING it, it is probably also the hardest class that I have taken.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

It's Official

This is the last post in my marathon today!

Phil has officially signed a new contract at work which means that we are around here for 2 more years. His new position is very excititng and he will be overseing an expansion project in the warehouse, plus working on efficiency throughout the company and taking over all the Technology. (He can explain his position better than I can).

So that means that we are moving to Bellingham! No more hideously long commutes! This home has been a great investment and we love the actual house, but the living in Sumas can be a real pain as we are both far away from our jobs, our friends and everthing in town that we do. Although I do think that Phil is going to miss his 50 minute drive to Mt. Baker. :)

Happy New Year!

We had a great new years eve this year! Our friends Sarah & Kris, and Erin & Kevin came over. We started with a huge spaghetti dinner, then hung out, played games, had a few drinks, and laughed all night! Everyone spent the night at our place and Erin & Kevin fixed us a yummy breakfast the next morning.
Myself, Erin & Sarah
The boys playing Risk with Napoleon Dynamite in the background (us ladies played Dutch Blitz).

Kristian and Sarah
Kevin & Erin


For those of you that don't know, I have gone back to school in the evenings while still working full time during the day (I know - I'm insane, as usual). What makes this quarter even crazier is that I'm taking one class down in Mt. Vernon and the other in Bellingham, all the while living in Sumas. Me and the car are going to be spending A LOT of time together!

I'm taking two classes this quarter, Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology. They are interesting classes (well, A&P is, Chem is quite a bit of review) but the painfull part is the textbooks. $500!!!!! Ouch!! Now you would think for that much money that I would get half a library - but nope. This is all I get. (I'm still waiting on one more workbook, but that's all).

A Christmas Bonus

So Phil and I both got Christmas bonuses this year, and while we just put most of it in the bank, we each got to get a little something for ourselves. Phil got the all the Pixar DVDs to add to his collection. I got a bakers rack that I have had my eye on for quite a while. Added bonus - it was 60% off! I still need to put some more stuff on it, but so far - I love it!

Twas a Grand Christmas!

Can't believe that Christmas is over already! Since the time that we got back from Mexico life has been an absolue blur, but it was a good one. I somehow managed to finish all the shopping, making and wrapping of gifts before the day came.

We had multiple Christmas celebrations with various people: Friday night with Kevin & Julia & kids, Saturday night with our good friend Kevin, Christmas eve at my sisters with my dad, Christmas day at my sister with mum, then Phil's parents came up on Wednesday.

This year was the first time that Phil and I got to do our own Christmas morning in our own home. It was so nice to have that special time together and to start our own Christmas traditions.
Although there is nothing that I need, I still managed to get spoiled! Phil gave me the entire collection of Friends on DVD - that is going to be fun! I got several cookbooks, including a homemade one from my good friend Mel. I got clothes from my mum, plus a gift certificate for a facial - can't wait for that!!! I got some scrapbooking stuff, DVDs, slippers and a few other nick nacks.

Phil did pretty good this year too! He got the entire collection of Farside, Season 9 of the Simpsons, a poker set, 3 coffee thermoses, a bunch of coffee, some coffee mugs (are you seeing the theme here??), golf stuff, and new gloves and long johns for snow boarding.

Here are Kaitlyn and Bella in their new dresses.

Phil's mom knit a poncho for Emmalea. She looked so cute in it and literally strutted around he house in it!

We gave Jackie & Dave a gag gift this year - the double pack of Bring It On and Bring It On Again! When I first met Dave, he would always quote Bring It On as a joke so I coudn't help myself when I saw the double pack!