Saturday, December 02, 2006

The great big snow storm

As many of you know, we were recently pummeled by vicious weather around here. The snow began on Saturday night and by Sunday morning we were covered in a blanket of white. Phil took off to Mt. Baker to enjoy the powder and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home. The wind raged outside all day covering our front windows with snow making me feel a little bit claustrophobic. In the evening, Phil's drive home from Baker which usually takes around 50 minutes took 3 hours!!! There was so much snow and huge drifts everywhere.

Now you have to understand, snow in this area typically follows a pattern: the snow covers everything causing excitement amongst all (particularly kids hoping for a day off school). It is usually hovering right around the freezing mark so the snow is very wet and sticky making it perfect for snowballs and snowmen. On the off chance that the snow is still there the next morning (it quite often is already almost melted away), it will usually start to melt that afternoon.

This storm did not follow any of those patterns! The temperatures ranged from -7 degrees Celsius to -17 degrees plus wind chill on top of that! That meant light and fluffy snow. The winds continued to whip through our area for several days making the work of the few snow plows that the county has even more difficult because snow would just blow over what they had just plowed. School was cancelled for 4 days!! Unheard of! Although the college did go back on Thursday which meant that I had to go. Our office was closed Mon-Thur and this was on top of the Thursday & Friday we had off the prior week due to Thanksgiving! I went in on Wednesday for a few hours (I took Phil's truck and drove REALLY slow because the roads were nasty) but I got in trouble with Lylene for coming in. The real reason that I went into town was that I desperately needed groceries!!

One of the craziest things was the snow drifts. There was a huge one in front of the garage meaning that I didn't even have a hope of getting my car out - not that I would want to drive on the treacherous roads down here. The wind even blew drifts up onto our little front porch making our front door blocked with snow!

On Thursday the 12-24 inches of snow (depending on where you were in the county) finally started to melt leaving lots of mush and water. Which would be ok except that it went well below freezing on Thursday night creating a skating rink to drive home on.

Most of the snow melted in Bellingham on Friday but out here in Sumas we are still driving on packed snow roads and everything is still white. It's still below freezing right now (8 am) but it is supposed to warm up today.

Having a week off work was quite nice and gave me a chance to get stuff done around the house and to study which was really nice. But alas, all good things must come to an end. At least it really put me in the mood for Christmas!

We are off to the mountains to chop down our Christmas tree this morning (don't worry - we're getting a permit).


Amanda Regier said...

so good to find you on the blog! and to see wedding photos. nice!

Shawna said...

Hey Nickie...we need another update!

Where are pictures of your Christmas tree?