Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Parties

Tis the season for Christmas parties! We went to ProPack's last week on Saturday evening. It was held at the Loft - a very good restaurant overlooking main street in Lynden. We got to see the Christmas parade while we were watching dinner which was quite nice.
After a year and a half of friendship, there are still only 2 pictures of Mel and I together (I know - hard to believe considering that we are scrapbooking buddies!). The only other one was at the July 4th party and really wasn't the greatest. So at last, here we go - a good photo of Mel and I!

Here is Phil's cousin Alex with his wife Susan. I tried 3 shots and this was the best one of Alex!

And here we are!

The Muljat Group had their party last night at the Squalicum Boathouse. The party itself was ok. I barely know anyone since I don't work at the main office and I'm never there. But it got better when Mike and his wife Kim, Fawn and her boyfriend Austin, Phil and I all went to Anthonys - a really good seafood restaurant, for drinks and real diner since there were only appetizers at the other party.

Here is Kim and Fawn. Hot stuff!

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