Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bikini Bookworm

Mexico was wonderful! 8 days of sun, warmth, relaxation, quality time with my husband and of course, good old Jose Cuervo! We left on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn from Bellingham and by the evening, we were sitting in a hot tub, with palm trees swaying in the breeze around us and the ocean pounding away.

We stayed at Phil's uncle's condo in San Jose Del Cabo which is about 20 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas. The town is smaller and less of a party town than Cabo, but it still has some good restaurants and shops. We rented a car when we were down, the plan being to balance Phil's desire for adventure and excitement and mine for a pool side book. We did get out a bit, then spent Tuesday and Wednesday just lounging around. On Thursday, we went to head up to La Paz when we found out that there was no gas! Anywhere! Apparently the ship didn't make it in in time and all of the gas stations completely ran out! It was very weird! And since we were on a very low tank anyways, we were stranded.

The manager at the condo told us to check on Friday, but when I spoke to her on Friday morning she gave me the same response as the day before "Maybe you try tomorrow." Although I was a bit dissapointed at not being able to get out to some of the beaches and did go a bit stir crazy, it was nothing compared to my poor husband. His need for adventure and to get beyone the pool started to drive him nuts! Me on the other hand, I just plowed through some more books. I read 5 books down there! Whenever we were at the beach it was me in my bikini, and another good book in my hand!

Finally on Saturday morning we got gas, headed up to a surfer beach (I call it the Baking Soda beach because the sand is so soft that it feels like you are walking on baking soda!), and then up to La Paz. We took the "scenic" route home - meaning the narrow windy road. But it was a very beautiful drive and we got to see some tiny towns along the way.

On Sunday we did some last minute shopping, packed up and headed out. Because of all the new regulations, we had to pack our liquor in our suitcases instead of just buying it in the duty free and taking it on the plane. Of the 4 bottles we brought home, 3 made it just fine. Unfortuantely, Jose ended up all over our suitcase and everything in it! 1 litre of tequila can soak quite a bit. Just made my laundry when I got home all that much more fun.

And now we are back to cold weather and the craziness of Christmas! I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but as soon as I do, I will post some on here.

Merry Christmas!

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Shawna said...

YAY - Welcome home, sounds like quite the "sexation" you had! Mmmm...Mexico in December - sounds dreamy!

Last year at this time we were in Hawaii...oh how I miss it this year!

Can't wait to see your pictures - Merry Christmas to you too, I bet you can't wait for Christmas to come now that you are all relaxed!

You make me envious with all the reading you were able to do while you were away. Hopefully I will get to do some catch up reading while we are on Christmas holidays :) *Here's to wishful thinking*