Thursday, December 21, 2006

Photos at last!

OK - So I'm finally posting pictures! Sorry that it has taken me a few days.
This is me on our first day in Mexico at the Santa Maria Beach.

One of the restaurants had this cool collection of candles that they had let drip for a long time.

Me having a YUMMY strawberry margherita at one of the many little bars scattered along the sidewalks.

The Baking Soda beach! The real name is Los something, but Phil and I refer to it as the surfer beach. It is about 45 min north of Cabo San Lucas, down a random dirt road. It is a surfers paradise! I call it the Baking Soda beach because the sand is so fine and soft it feels like you are walking on Baking Soda!

Our bucket of beers at dinner one night.

This was me for most of the week - Bikini Bookworm on the beach!

Another beach that had some fantastic snorkeling!

A view of the bay in San Jose Del Cabo. Our condo building is the white one about a third from the left of the photo (if that makes any sense at all!)

This is where I spent a lot of my time when we were at the condo. Lounging with a book and looking out over palm trees, white sandy beaches and crystal blue water with thundering waves.

This is the patio of the condo. At the end of the litte rock trail is the path - another 5 feet and you are in the pool!

That's it! Those are the main photos from our trip. I hope that you enjoyed them. We sure enjoyed being there to take them. :)

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bikini Bookworm

Mexico was wonderful! 8 days of sun, warmth, relaxation, quality time with my husband and of course, good old Jose Cuervo! We left on Saturday morning at the crack of dawn from Bellingham and by the evening, we were sitting in a hot tub, with palm trees swaying in the breeze around us and the ocean pounding away.

We stayed at Phil's uncle's condo in San Jose Del Cabo which is about 20 minutes east of Cabo San Lucas. The town is smaller and less of a party town than Cabo, but it still has some good restaurants and shops. We rented a car when we were down, the plan being to balance Phil's desire for adventure and excitement and mine for a pool side book. We did get out a bit, then spent Tuesday and Wednesday just lounging around. On Thursday, we went to head up to La Paz when we found out that there was no gas! Anywhere! Apparently the ship didn't make it in in time and all of the gas stations completely ran out! It was very weird! And since we were on a very low tank anyways, we were stranded.

The manager at the condo told us to check on Friday, but when I spoke to her on Friday morning she gave me the same response as the day before "Maybe you try tomorrow." Although I was a bit dissapointed at not being able to get out to some of the beaches and did go a bit stir crazy, it was nothing compared to my poor husband. His need for adventure and to get beyone the pool started to drive him nuts! Me on the other hand, I just plowed through some more books. I read 5 books down there! Whenever we were at the beach it was me in my bikini, and another good book in my hand!

Finally on Saturday morning we got gas, headed up to a surfer beach (I call it the Baking Soda beach because the sand is so soft that it feels like you are walking on baking soda!), and then up to La Paz. We took the "scenic" route home - meaning the narrow windy road. But it was a very beautiful drive and we got to see some tiny towns along the way.

On Sunday we did some last minute shopping, packed up and headed out. Because of all the new regulations, we had to pack our liquor in our suitcases instead of just buying it in the duty free and taking it on the plane. Of the 4 bottles we brought home, 3 made it just fine. Unfortuantely, Jose ended up all over our suitcase and everything in it! 1 litre of tequila can soak quite a bit. Just made my laundry when I got home all that much more fun.

And now we are back to cold weather and the craziness of Christmas! I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, but as soon as I do, I will post some on here.

Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Christmas Decorations

Here is a photo of our decorated tree and some other decorations. I set up our mini tree and a few other things (including the very cute Santa from Grandma Marge) on our wine cabinet.

Christmas Parties

Tis the season for Christmas parties! We went to ProPack's last week on Saturday evening. It was held at the Loft - a very good restaurant overlooking main street in Lynden. We got to see the Christmas parade while we were watching dinner which was quite nice.
After a year and a half of friendship, there are still only 2 pictures of Mel and I together (I know - hard to believe considering that we are scrapbooking buddies!). The only other one was at the July 4th party and really wasn't the greatest. So at last, here we go - a good photo of Mel and I!

Here is Phil's cousin Alex with his wife Susan. I tried 3 shots and this was the best one of Alex!

And here we are!

The Muljat Group had their party last night at the Squalicum Boathouse. The party itself was ok. I barely know anyone since I don't work at the main office and I'm never there. But it got better when Mike and his wife Kim, Fawn and her boyfriend Austin, Phil and I all went to Anthonys - a really good seafood restaurant, for drinks and real diner since there were only appetizers at the other party.

Here is Kim and Fawn. Hot stuff!

Christmas Tree Expedition!

Last Saturday, the Gallagher family and Phil and I set out to Mt. Baker to cut down our Christmas trees. Of course the boys wanted to go up the impassable road first, before turning around and going to the easy spot with better trees anyways!
Here is Joe cutting our way through a tree over the road.
Kelly, Molly and I in the snow as the boys chop!

Ellery with her favorite boyfriend, Phil.

Phil being manly after chopping down our tree.

The beautiful road that we parked on.

Phil and Joe driving out with our trees!

Joe and Kelly (or should we say Joe) got a 17 foot tree! They have a 2 story living room and the tree is literally within inches of the ceiling! It's pretty crazy!

Finally some pictures!

OK - I finally have got pictures up of the snow storm!!!

Here is our backyard covered in snow.

The wind blew the snow up onto our front porch making it impossible to use the front door. We had to rely on going in and out through the garage.

Here is the front of our house burried in snow drifts!

Here is our cat Bandit, desperately trying to get into the house! The cats are outside cats but we let them stay in the garage during the storm because it was so cold. Bandit is a very fluffy cat which means that he got huge chunks of snow attached to his belly.

This photo show how high Bandit climbed up the screen! He was so desperate to get in!!!

Saturday, December 02, 2006

The great big snow storm

As many of you know, we were recently pummeled by vicious weather around here. The snow began on Saturday night and by Sunday morning we were covered in a blanket of white. Phil took off to Mt. Baker to enjoy the powder and I enjoyed a relaxing day at home. The wind raged outside all day covering our front windows with snow making me feel a little bit claustrophobic. In the evening, Phil's drive home from Baker which usually takes around 50 minutes took 3 hours!!! There was so much snow and huge drifts everywhere.

Now you have to understand, snow in this area typically follows a pattern: the snow covers everything causing excitement amongst all (particularly kids hoping for a day off school). It is usually hovering right around the freezing mark so the snow is very wet and sticky making it perfect for snowballs and snowmen. On the off chance that the snow is still there the next morning (it quite often is already almost melted away), it will usually start to melt that afternoon.

This storm did not follow any of those patterns! The temperatures ranged from -7 degrees Celsius to -17 degrees plus wind chill on top of that! That meant light and fluffy snow. The winds continued to whip through our area for several days making the work of the few snow plows that the county has even more difficult because snow would just blow over what they had just plowed. School was cancelled for 4 days!! Unheard of! Although the college did go back on Thursday which meant that I had to go. Our office was closed Mon-Thur and this was on top of the Thursday & Friday we had off the prior week due to Thanksgiving! I went in on Wednesday for a few hours (I took Phil's truck and drove REALLY slow because the roads were nasty) but I got in trouble with Lylene for coming in. The real reason that I went into town was that I desperately needed groceries!!

One of the craziest things was the snow drifts. There was a huge one in front of the garage meaning that I didn't even have a hope of getting my car out - not that I would want to drive on the treacherous roads down here. The wind even blew drifts up onto our little front porch making our front door blocked with snow!

On Thursday the 12-24 inches of snow (depending on where you were in the county) finally started to melt leaving lots of mush and water. Which would be ok except that it went well below freezing on Thursday night creating a skating rink to drive home on.

Most of the snow melted in Bellingham on Friday but out here in Sumas we are still driving on packed snow roads and everything is still white. It's still below freezing right now (8 am) but it is supposed to warm up today.

Having a week off work was quite nice and gave me a chance to get stuff done around the house and to study which was really nice. But alas, all good things must come to an end. At least it really put me in the mood for Christmas!

We are off to the mountains to chop down our Christmas tree this morning (don't worry - we're getting a permit).