Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Go Giants!!!

Had a FANTASTIC weekend!! Got to see my girls from college - Jess, Jess & Steph. We did our patented Saturday morning brunch consisting of waffles, chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, coffee and of course, the most important part - bacon!!!! It was so wonderful to spend the morning with them, laughing, talking, and laughing some more!

What made the day even better was that I got to seem them all, with their spouses/spices that evening too! Our friend Becca is the games director for the Vancouver Giants and she hooked us up with tickets! We had a blast at the game! And of course, the Giants won 2-0. The most exciting part of the evening for Phil was getting to drive the blimp around the stadium. Boys and their toys!

On Sunday Sarah, Erin and I headed down to the Nordstom sale and shopped around the Alderwood mall. Got some very good deals too, which always makes me happy. The only down part of the day was the Cathy Jean wouldn't take my shoes back even though they didn't fit and their salesperson assured me that they would fit with insoles! Don't ever shop there - they have the worst return policy ever! And it's a shame too because they have really great shoes!

While we were busy shopping, the boys were off at Mt. Baker getting soaked! In spite of the rain, the "hard core" boys headed up to the mountain and had a great time anyways! By the end they were soaked to the bone, freezing cold and very appreciative of the thermos of hot chocolate!

Only one more day of work then we are off to Oregon for Thanksgiving!! I think that is one of the best parts about this Can/Am relationship - two turkey dinners! Wahoo!!!!

One more thing - I found a bunch of people that I know/knew in college have blogs on Xanga so I'm adding them to my blogroll. Enjoy!

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Amanda said...

Hey Nikki! I found your blog from Shawna's! So good to see that you are good! It has been a long while since we have seen eachother so I hope we can get into contact through keeping update on our blogs. You can check mine out if ya like! www.willbeforeverinlove.blogspot.com !