Thursday, November 30, 2006


We had a fantastic time at Thanksgiving! We left Wednesday night and drove to Madras, OR where Phil's grandma lives. It was quite a treacherous drive. It was raining so hard that I could barely see between Seattle and Portland. Combined with the wind and how tired I was, it ended up being a white knuckle drive! Phil took over driving after Portland and drove across the pass where it was snowing heavily!!

Everyone from Phil's mom's side of the family was there except Phil's little brother Peter who is at school down in LA. It was really great to get to know Phil's family a bit more and just hang out with everyone. It was especially great to get to know Phil's grandma more. Now you have to understand, Grandma Marge is about as cool as grandmas come! She is fun, adventurous (she just got back from a vacation in Japan), very smart (she was a teacher and got a masters degree when not too many women were doing that), extremely devoted to her family, generous and fun! As I was helping her peel potatoes for the dinner she told me how she had met her husband Dean (he passed away when Phil was a kid) and how they got started on their farm. It was so cool to hear that bit of family history. I hope that she is still around to tell our kids those stories too, but if not, I want to make sure that I know some of them to pass along.

On black Friday, we opted out of 5am shopping and instead slept and had breakfast with the family. We did go into Bend after that though to check out the shopping. We didn't find any good deals though. We did go to a cool shopping area called the old mill district. We went and saw the new James Bond, Casino Royale - SO COOL!!!! Ususally I watch James Bond flicks because Phil wants to see them but this one I truly enjoyed! Daniel Craig somehow just makes a more human Bond. After the movie we just drove around Bend for a while. It is such a cool city and has my ideal climate - lots of sun, hot in the summer, cold and often snowy in the winter.

We drove home on Saturday and took a different route stopping in Leavenworth. Our friend Kevin works for the Icicle Inn there so we have been meaning to go for a while. It's a little Bavarian Village and it's so cute! Total tourist trap, but fun none the less. We ate dinner at King Ludwigs and had the best Schnitzel ever! Seriously, it was beter than the stuff we had in Austria! Yummy!!!!

By the time we got home on Saturday night it was already starting to snow. We are SO thankful that we came home on Saturday and not Sunday with all the crazy snow. More about that in the next post!

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Go Giants!!!

Had a FANTASTIC weekend!! Got to see my girls from college - Jess, Jess & Steph. We did our patented Saturday morning brunch consisting of waffles, chocolate, fruit, whipped cream, coffee and of course, the most important part - bacon!!!! It was so wonderful to spend the morning with them, laughing, talking, and laughing some more!

What made the day even better was that I got to seem them all, with their spouses/spices that evening too! Our friend Becca is the games director for the Vancouver Giants and she hooked us up with tickets! We had a blast at the game! And of course, the Giants won 2-0. The most exciting part of the evening for Phil was getting to drive the blimp around the stadium. Boys and their toys!

On Sunday Sarah, Erin and I headed down to the Nordstom sale and shopped around the Alderwood mall. Got some very good deals too, which always makes me happy. The only down part of the day was the Cathy Jean wouldn't take my shoes back even though they didn't fit and their salesperson assured me that they would fit with insoles! Don't ever shop there - they have the worst return policy ever! And it's a shame too because they have really great shoes!

While we were busy shopping, the boys were off at Mt. Baker getting soaked! In spite of the rain, the "hard core" boys headed up to the mountain and had a great time anyways! By the end they were soaked to the bone, freezing cold and very appreciative of the thermos of hot chocolate!

Only one more day of work then we are off to Oregon for Thanksgiving!! I think that is one of the best parts about this Can/Am relationship - two turkey dinners! Wahoo!!!!

One more thing - I found a bunch of people that I know/knew in college have blogs on Xanga so I'm adding them to my blogroll. Enjoy!

Saturday, November 18, 2006

No Bond

Bond sold out a half hour before the show started on 2 screens!!! We just missed getting the last two tickets. So we went and saw Stranger than Fiction instead. It was absolutely hilarious!!! Very odd cast combination: Emma Thompson, Will Ferrel, Dustin Hoffman, Queen Latifa and Maggie Gyllenhal. Defenitely recommend going to see it though!

Friday, November 17, 2006

My cell phone is a flashlight!

So Sumas is a little bit behind the times (in more ways than one). But last night, we were behind the times in terms of the viscious storm that hit our area this week. When I got home from lab last night our power was out. Most people had lost their power on Wednesday (like we did at work meaning I got to go home early). But not in Sumas!!! In Sumas, we are behind the times meaning that we didn't lose our power until Thursday!

When I got home, obviously my garage door opener didn't work. Thankfully I've had my house key on my key ring for a year and a half now, although I have not once used it. The key worked beautifully on the deadbolt, but wouldn't even go into the lock in the door handle!!! I strugled, shoved, pushed and crouched down to gleam as much light as I could from the street (not that there really was any). Finally, I gave up and tried the side door. Same story - deadbolt works great, door handle - key won't even go in. So I tried the sliding doors - locked. And of course all the windows were closed.

That left me stuck. I called Phil, but he didn't answer. However, as I was hanging up, I realized that my wonderful pink razer phone lets off a glorious amount of light (I have a great picture of the Tim McGraw concert as my background!). So using my cell phone as a flashlight, I finally manage to force my key into the lock and open the door!!!

My cell phone/flashlight escapades continued inside though. We had put the mag light in a very obvious place so that if the power did ever go out, we would be able to find it easily. But of course, I couldn't remember where that was! So there I am with my cell phone, shining it around the dark garage looking for a flashlight. This is when my dear husband rescued me by calling and reminding me where it was!

In other news, Phil went to the opening day at Mt. Baker yesterday and had a great time! Now it's off to a busy weekend which includes seeing the new bond flick tonight!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hello Snow!

Mt. Baker has received over 5 feet of snow in the past 4 days! Phil got a season's pass this year and he is SO excited for Thursday - the grand opening of Mt. Baker!!!!

Look at all the pretty snow!

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Too Cute!!!

This picture was taken a over a month ago at Emmalea's birthday, but it's just so cute that I had to post it!!

A surprise gift

On Thursday I got a delightful surprise at work - I got to have Friday off! Veteran's Day was saturday, so we closed the office on friday instead! I was so excited!! I have really been needing a day off.

So, I took my bonus day and relaxed, read, and also did a bunch of mundane stuff such as cleaning the house and doing laundry. But it was just so great to have a day at home! Phil only worked half a day so we had the afternoon to ourselves. We were going to drive up to Mt. Baker (Phil got new tires that he wanted to test out) and see the snow, but the road is blocked due to all the flooding that we had earlier this week. So instead we went up some other mountain roads and enjoyed the plentiful snow up there. I hope that it snows down here this year too!

Portland was fantastic last weekend! Our friend Kevin was doing a trade who for his hotel, the Icicle Inn, so we went and hung out with him for the weekend. The ski show down there was amazing!! Tons of good deals to be had! It was so much better than the Vancouver ski show that we went to a few weeks ago. We found several really good breweries while we were there. Friday night we went to BJs where they have a really good Oatmeal Stout. Not quite as good as Boundary Bay's, but it was up there. On Saturday night, after much driving around I might add, we went to Henry's Tavern. It had such a cool atmosphere and really cheap appies during evening happy hour.

On Sunday we also went to OMSI, which is like the Science World up here. They had a HUGE Star Wars exhibit that we of course had to go through. The only downer to our weekend in Portland was the weather. It dumped rain all weekend!!!! Absolutely poured!! It was fairly warm, but it just wouldn't stop raining. Which of course resulted in flooding around here, but thankfully it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

That's it for now!

Friday, November 03, 2006

I'm getting better!

I'm getting better at this whole blogging thing! It's only been a few weeks since my last post and here I am again! So first of all, here is a photo from the Carissa and Bobs wedding. What a bunch of hotties!

School has been going very well! Got my second test back and got a good grade so I'm really happy about that. I got to go to a 24 hour scrapbooking with my cousin Mel which was so fun! Don't worry - we did go home and sleep a bit. But I got a lot done and it was nice to just set up and work on my book for a while.

In other news, my sister Jackie and her husband Dave bought their first house! They moved in last week and they are so happy there. It's a very cute townhouse in Langley.

A few weeks ago my sister emailed me and told me that she had run into one of my old friends from high school Shawna. We had totally lost touch but Jackie gave me her email address. I got an email from her this week and she is a blogger too. Shawna's Boys I'm really looking forward to catching up with her.

That's about all for us right now. We are off to Portland for the weekend!