Friday, October 13, 2006

Penticton, Wedding & Fall

Last weekend I had the honor and privileged to stand as a bridesmaid for my dear friend Carissa as she married Bob. It was a gorgeous wedding, very unique, but perfectly matched to their personalities. There were tons of beautiful fall colors and we all had a blast. I finally got to meet some of her Seattle friends who I had always heard about and just enjoyed sharing that special day with her. Photos are at There is a few of Bob and Carissa right when you get to the page or if you click on contact, then archive, then wedding, you can select their wedding.

Of course a wedding meant a bachelorette party, so the weekend before a bunch of us girls went up to Penticton for a relaxing weekend. One of the bridesmaid's families has a condo up there so we got to stay right across from the beach. We went kayaking, walking, laid out in the sun, got massages and just had a great time!

Besides the wedding, school has been keeping me quite busy. I already wrote my first test and got an A! Yay!!!!! It is a bit weird being back in school, particularly in a 100 class (I have a huge paper to write - it's a whole 2 pages!!!!) but it feels great to be working towards something.

My only sad news to report is that last week I killed a dog. I was driving home on the Mt. Baker highway and he ran across the road! I slammed on my brakes but couldn't miss him. The poor thing died on the side of the road. A neighbor happened to see it happen and ran out to check on the dog and me. I'm so grateful that he was there because I was quite shook up and had no idea what to do! Thankfully he knew whose dog it was and told the owners for me so that I didn't have to go knocking on doors asking if I'd killed someone's dog!

Phil is still keeping busy with the golf. He goes to the driving range nearly every day and is getting quite good.

Chat to you all later!

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Dana said...

Back to school Nickie! That's so exciting! Good to see a new post and that you're doing well.