Friday, December 23, 2005

I got told by a one year old!

Phil and I were babysitting the little Lucht ladies last week. We were having a great time - Phil was a horse, the kids jumped all over him, and I just watched.

I went to put Allie (14 months old) to bed. I opened up her diaper and found a lovely present. As I scrunched my face at the foul odor, Allie began to laugh. Glad she found it funny.

I cleaned her up and put on a fresh diaper. She started shaking her head profusely and pointing behind her. Thinking that perhaps I hadn't wiped good enough, I grabbed another wipe from behind her and cleaned again. After this she was still shaking her head!

Baby powder? I searched through the drawer on the changing table. I held up the powder, but the shaking continued. I found another tube of cream - still shaking. I grabbed the lotion off the change table and Allie began to say please in sign language!

So off with the diaper and on with the cream. "Ok now Allie?" More shaking of the head. I put on more cream - "OK?" Big smile from Allie.

Allie, who is just over a year, told me how to change her diaper! Go figure! Although I will say that this is a pretty good plug for teaching babies a few words in sign language since they learn to control their hands before they do their tongues. But that's a post for another time!

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