Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas with Nickie's Family

Well, it's Christmas eve and already Phil and I have gone to 3 christmases with my family! One with mum et all, with dad et all, and with Kevin & Julia et all!

Last night we went to Alex & Susan's for dinner. Trevor Sinclair and his wonderful wife Angela were also there with their 3 month old son Brayden. He's so cute!!!!! He's huge so it's kind of weird to think that he is only a day older than Emmalea! Tony was also there and between him, Phil and Trevor - there were some pretty entertaining conversations!

After dinner, we got in the car, got venti drinks from Starbucks and hit the I-5 in Bellingham about 10pm to drive to Oregon. The first few hours were pretty bad because it was raining so hard that Phil could barely see! But later it cleared up and there was no traffic so we sailed right through. We got home at 3:30am, however I was still buzzing on cafeine so I didn't really sleep well.

So here are some photos from our first Christmas functions. Enjoy!

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