Thursday, July 07, 2005

It's hot in Arizona!

Last Thursday, Phil and I got up at 2am in order to drive to Seattle to catch our 6am flight. 3 landings later, we finally arrived in Phoenix, Arizona and got off the plane and stepped into an oven! It was about 115 degrees! Thankfully we were going to Tucson which was only about 110 degrees, and where we were staying, it was about 105 degrees.

We picked up our rental car and found out that for an extra $15 a day, we could upgrade from a crappy little Ford Focus, to a 2005 Mustang! It was well worth the extra few bucks and we had fun testing it's acceleration abilities.

We were in Arizona for our friend Reid's wedding. We stayed with his family and had a wonderful time! They live pretty far out from town, but have a beautiful view from their property.

Our 4 days there passed in a blur or wedding preperations, laughter and new friends. The wedding was beautiful and we all had a great time. Sunday we relaxed around the house and then went to see "War of the Worlds" (which was ok).

One of the funnier moments (OK - so its funny now that we look back on it, not necessarily at the time) was that the van we were riding in to go to the rehersal overheated on the highway a half hour outside of Tucson. So there we stood, at 4pm, in the swealtering heat, on the side of the road with a half a litre of water and 2 cups of ice cubes. That is when our hero arrived. He saw us while traveling the oposite direction on the freeway, took the next exit and came back to see if we were ok. He pulled 5 water bottles from his car and helped refil the coolant get us back on our way. John Hughes of Arizona - YOU ARE A HERO! THANK YOU!

The other bizarre thing about this trip is that I found a cat that I like. Now I realize that I am a declared non cat person, but Elvis was just too cute! He was the cutest kitty and he had so much attitude! Had to love the little guy!

On Monday we made the trek back to Phoenix, waited while our plane was delayed and finally landed back in Seattle at 6pm. We drove straight to Birch Bay to celebrate the 4th and had a great time.

A huge thanks to the Carlsons for all the generosity and hospitality to us!