Monday, June 20, 2005

Montana and normal life

Chapter 3 - Post wedding - the Honeymoon!

Before heading out for Montana, Phil and I stopped by his work to use the internet for a few minutes. On the way out, Phil crumpled at the bottom of the stairs and for the third time in 2 years, sprained his right ankle. Leave it to him to do this 5 minutes before we leave! We iced it down and then I got to hop into the drivers seat and start the long treck!

We made it to Mt. Vernon before we realized that we had forgotten to return Phil's tux. Back to Bellingham we go! Figuring that we were late getting on the road anyways at that point (It was nearly 6pm) we got Starbucks and headed out.

We took the northern route across the state and stopped in the tiny western town of Winthrop where we ate the legendary "mountain man" pizza. We pressed on to Spokane hoping to get a room. Echoes of our experience in Venice, Italy haunted us as we realized that everywhere was full. (Apparently Saturday nights in June are popular for high school grads, weddings and tournaments - go figure). We continued on to Idaho where we found the same plight. With the help of a hotel clerk, we found out about a mountain pass with logging roads not far away. At 2am, with the high beams on, we bounced along a gravel road until we found a turnout. We parked the truck, laid down the blankets and cudled up to sleep!

On Sunday we arrived at the Alta Meadow Ranch. It was BEAUTIFUL there! We stayed in the cozy homestead cabin and enjoyed a week of doing NOTHING! We went horseback riding (6 hours on a horse = OUCH the next day), 4X4ing and slept. It was so great to unwind and relax.

We learnt that in Montana, if you don't like the weather, wait 5 minutes. And how true that is! In one day you go from sunny, to thunderstorm, to sun, to clouds and back to rain!

And now here we are back to our new normal life. Phil is back to work and starts back to school tomorow night. I'm submitting my next batch of immigration paperwork this week and then playing the waiting game until I'm allowed to work.

Thank you so much to everyone who was a part of our special day! Thank you for all of the help, support and love!


Dana said...

Thanks for the blog Nickie! I can't wait to see pictures. The weather in Montana sounds a bit like Taiwan... did it feel familiar???

Jen Gilbertson said...

Nickie . . . I can't wait to see the pictures either . . . um, because in a fit of sleep deprived insanity, I deleted all mine! I hope Phil's injury is all healed up. What "perfect" timing! I felt so blessed to be at your wedding and get to meet all your family and friends. And don't worry, the wax came off the floor surprisingly easily.