Monday, June 20, 2005

The big day is finally here!

Chapter 2 - the Wedding!

In spite of my attempts at wine induced sleep, I only got a few hours of sleep the night before the wedding. We all woke up to a sunny day, with a few puffy white clouds in the sky and a moderate temperature. We packed into cars and picked up Tess and Isabel (Phils young cousins) from their hotel to come to the hairdresser for us. They were pretty excited about going with the "big girls". After sitting in a chair for an hour and a half, Monica's creation was complete and my hair looke beautiful. The really fun part was that she had to attach my cathedral length veil at 10am......which meant that I got to carry it around all day long!

We next proceeded to the Woods coffee shop where Carissa got me hooked on a new drink (Grande caramel americano misto - yum!). Back at the house, I got the most pampering that I've ever had! I was attacked from mulitple angles: Julia doing my finger nails, Jackie doing my toe nails and Carissa doing my makeup.....this is all of course while I'm trying to eat lunch (not that I could eat much anyways!)

I got dressed at the church and was blessed to have my 5 closest girlfriends, my mum and Phil's mum all there to share in the moment of putting on my dress. It was beautiful!

Phil and I saw each other for the first time that day in the sanctuary of our church. Alone in the sanctuary, I walked down the aisle to the man I was marrying. I will never forget those 25 yards or the feeling of love welling up inside. The moment was beautiful and perfect. OK - enough sappy stuff!

We spent the afternoon taking pictures with our bridal party and having a great time. The ceremony was beautiful! The stage looked wonderful due to all of Roxie and Nancy's hard work with the flowers. The music was perfect, the pastor was great and our vows were the happiest moment of my life! We left the strains of the Hallelujah chorus behind us and walked out of the church as Mr. & Mrs Phil & Nickie Snyder!

After family photos we went on the reception and enjoyed the wonderful food (preparred by mum, Shelley and Shannon). After several heartwarming and funny speeches (the best line of the night coming from Phil's mum "Philip - you're a pill!") we danced our first dance to "When you say nothing at all".

To all those that were able to be there and share in our day - Thank you! To those who couldn't make it, I'll post pictures soon!

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Dana said...

Your wedding pictures are stunning, absolutley stunning! Gorgeous bride that you are! I love the black bridesmaid dresses ... kinda cements the fact that that's what I want as well ... sigh!