Monday, May 02, 2005

I tried to act ladylike!

On Saturday night, Phil's cousins threw a couples shower for us. Feeling that I should probably look bridal and girly, I wore a skirt and heels. I arrived at Alex and Susan's house with all intentions of going inside and having a great time. And I did eventually do all that.....I just got distracted by a different path first - a muddy one!

On the way into the house, we passed by their son Wesley who was playing on his new four wheeler. Forgetting all decorum and girliness I immediately yelled out to him requesting a ride and grabbed the first helmet I could get. After a crash course on how to put it in gear, I hike up my skirt and hopped on! I had a blast! It was a little bit hard to steer and drive (particularly because I didn't know that there were 4 gears and was doing everything in first). So while trying to navigate a small hill, I got sent in the opposity direction into a pool of mud. I of course had no choice but to put my foot down and push myself out. While my pointy shoes had worked great on the toe shifter, my heel simply sank into the mud making it hard to get out.

I eventually got back to my starting point where Phil stood waiting for me holding my purse. I handed the 4 wheeler back to Wesley, hiked up my skirt so as to not transfer the mud from my legs onto my skirt, took my purse and walked as gracefully as I could into the house.

Phil and I posing with our new flags! We got an American one and a Canadian one! Posted by Hello

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