Thursday, May 19, 2005

Landscaping Recipe

24,000 lbs (12 cubic yards) of pit run gravel
24,000 lbs (12 cubic yards) of pea gravel
28 feet of railway ties
1 tractor
3 shovels
1 hoe
1 rotatiller
3 strong men
2 12 year old boys
1 busy waitress
1 batch of oatmeal cookies
1 loaf of banana bread
1 Indiana Jones Movie

Bake cookies early in the morning. Have the men, boys, tractor and shovels arrive at 10am. Push, pull, dig, loosen, and flatten dirt on the side of the house (excess being pushed to the backyard). Rotatil the front yard. Insert railway ties from the edge of the house to the fence at either end of are to be gravelled.Use one strong man to drive the tractor and dump the pit run gravel alongside the house. Have the other two strong men spread the gravel. Repeat with pea gravel.

To ensure a smooth day, ensure that cookies and water are available all day. Be sure to prepare a large lunch (banana bread is best served here).

Allow gravel to settle for two weeks before driving on it.

Note: The Indiana Jones movie is for the 2 twelve year old boys come late afternoon when they are tired.

Note2: The busy waitress is the one who closed the night before, got up and baked the cookies, helped with the shoveling, went back inside to bake the banana bread and prepare lunch, before rushing back to the restaurant to open again.

A HUGE thanks to Alex & Wesley Snyder and Shon & Peter Smith for all their help in making our yard prettier!

Thursday, May 12, 2005


Last night I went to what I thought was an end of the year Awana dinner for the leaders. When I rounded the corner into June's backyard, I was greeted with a hearty "surprise!" I was shocked to find out that it was actually a bridal shower for me! I had no idea! All of the ladies got a good laugh out of all the times they thought I'd figure it out - but no, I was completely oblivious!! Phil even knew about it and didn't let on at all.

So after eating from the HUGE buffet (Lynden ladies know how to cook!) I was treated to a Pampered Chef party. Everyone contributed and I ended up with serving platters, stoneware, a pie set and some other baking gadgets! I felt so blessed!

So thank you to the FCC ladies for a fantastic shower! And a special thanks to June for hosting the party the night before she left for the Bahamas!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

There's a whole world of blogging out there!

Ok - I will admit that until a month ago I had never even heard of a blog. I'm now realizing how big it is! Following links from one friends site to another, I was able to read up & catch up on how lots of old Taiwan friends are doing! Very cool!

Wedding stuff is still coming - I guess. Last night I managed to buy a bunch of decorations and stuff for the reception. My old attitude of "I'll do that closer to the wedding" doesn't really work anymore because it's only 5 weeks away! Yikes! I guess there are a lot of things I should really get going on. This weekend we're landscaping and I'm working crazy hours at the keg.....hmmm......I guess I will just have to put it off a little longer. Somehow it will all get done.....right?

Monday, May 02, 2005

I tried to act ladylike!

On Saturday night, Phil's cousins threw a couples shower for us. Feeling that I should probably look bridal and girly, I wore a skirt and heels. I arrived at Alex and Susan's house with all intentions of going inside and having a great time. And I did eventually do all that.....I just got distracted by a different path first - a muddy one!

On the way into the house, we passed by their son Wesley who was playing on his new four wheeler. Forgetting all decorum and girliness I immediately yelled out to him requesting a ride and grabbed the first helmet I could get. After a crash course on how to put it in gear, I hike up my skirt and hopped on! I had a blast! It was a little bit hard to steer and drive (particularly because I didn't know that there were 4 gears and was doing everything in first). So while trying to navigate a small hill, I got sent in the opposity direction into a pool of mud. I of course had no choice but to put my foot down and push myself out. While my pointy shoes had worked great on the toe shifter, my heel simply sank into the mud making it hard to get out.

I eventually got back to my starting point where Phil stood waiting for me holding my purse. I handed the 4 wheeler back to Wesley, hiked up my skirt so as to not transfer the mud from my legs onto my skirt, took my purse and walked as gracefully as I could into the house.

Phil and I posing with our new flags! We got an American one and a Canadian one! Posted by Hello