Thursday, September 09, 2010

Moving my blog

I've moved! Although blogger is great, they don't have a good iphone interface, so I've hopped over to wordpress. Come stop by!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Crowded backseat

We drove bro back to OR to pick up his car and head back home to LA. I offered multiple times to sit in the backseat with the two dogs, but he said he didn't mind. At one point I looked back and this is what I saw....

Note how my puppy is not only nuzzled against him, but also has her leg fully wrapped around him. Yeah, she's a snuggler!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Whistler camping

Phil's family is spread out over the west coast - his bro is in LA, parents in OR and we are in NW WA (how do you like all those initials?). We were so excited when bro announced he was coming for a visit in August during his time off to do some mountain biking. Parents heard about it and thought they would tag along as well. And thus began the gong show that is family vacation!

Now let me expand on that last statement - by gong show I mean the usual hilarity that ensues when you bring grown children back together with their parents, toss in an in-law (that would be me), 2 dogs and a camping trip. We had a great time! The boys did a bunch of biking, the parents did the zip trek course, and I curled up with a book beside the river - HEAVEN!!!

This was my view for my morning coffee...

On top of the peak at Whistler

Riding the Peak to Peak

We had a great few days together and really got to enjoy whistler!

Thursday, August 05, 2010

iPhone 4

One thing that I did forget to mention yesterday was that I got a new iPhone!!! We've been wanting to get me one since November.... me for the convenience of it, and Phil so that I won't be stealing his all the time! I had planned on pre-ordering one, then getting it when it came out in late June.

And that is where the shenanigans started. AT&T stopped taking pre-orders, so i ordered one through Best Buy. I checked in at 2 weeks - still nothing. I called at 4 weeks and asked "oh yeah, it's sitting right here". Yeah thanks, you couldn't have bothered to call me? Seriously annoyed.

Then we got the good news that I would be able to go onto the corporate plan at Phil's work which will save us a lot of money. The problem was that Best Buy couldn't do corporate plans. So, we ordered on from AT&T... and just in time because I smashed my other phone by accident at Whistler.

So finally, last friday night I got my iPhone. And I'm LOVING it!!!!

If you know of any good apps I should download, please leave a comment!

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Nothing to write about

I haven't posted here in over a month... I would love to say that I have tons of exciting stories to catch you all up on, but alas, I don't. So what have I been doing for the past month? WORK, then work, then some more work!

I'm working my usual shifts, but I've also taken on some new projects. There is a series of workshops that new graduate nurses attend in their first 6 months of working. I have spoken about my experiences as a new grad at a few of them, and have also started being small group facilitator at another one. The facilitator role involves leading the group through a case scenario and it's actually a lot of fun!

That's about it though. I've been biking a couple of days at Whistler, and actually feel like I'm improving a lot this year.

I'll try to post more soon... as soon as I have anything interesting :)

Monday, June 28, 2010


For several years I have eyed the Lake Padden Triathlon, but always had a legitimate excuse for not having time for it, namely school. This year, I ran out of excuses. So, in March I signed up for my first triathlon and began training.

Saturday came and I was quite nervous! It was a cool day, and I'm not going to lie - the lake was cold! It took me about two minutes to clear the mouthful of water that I accidentally swallowed at the beginning, catch my breath and warm up. Then, I was good to go and finished my swim faster than I thought I would!

Here we are getting ready to swim. I'm one of the few without a wetsuit!

At my transition switching from biking to running.

Sprinting the final yards to the finish line

Feeling tough because I finished my first triathlon!

Family photo! Phil and Maxine both came out to support me!

My goal for the race was to finish in an hour and thirty minutes - I finished in 1 hour, 29 min and 20 seconds! So proud of myself for finishing! And now I can check that off the bucket list! Hmm... what to move on to next....

For those interested, here are the race stats: 400 yard swim, 10 mile bike, 2.6 mile run

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Looking tough

I got my first riding day of the year in at Whistler on Saturday. The weather was perfect, the trails were beautiful, and I had great company! I rode with Phil and my good friend Erin. Erin's been a crosscountry rider for a few years so she's quite a bit better than me, but we still have fun riding together.

Mountain biking is a very male dominated sport, so you tend to notice other girls that are riding. Erin and I would both look at other girls and think, "Wow, they must be so good! Look at their bike and all their gear! They are hard core!"  But then we got to thinking, what if people think that about us?

Here we are in all our gear. 
I guess it's possible that people look at us and think that WE are hard core riders!